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61 million primary school-age children are not enrolled in school. Of these children, 47% were never expected to enter school, 26% attended school but left. These children are at greater risk for exploitation, forced child marriage, and lower income-earning potential. 

We want to address barriers to education and work with communities and local governments to improve the quality of education children receive because we believe that when a child is deprived of food, there is a public issue. And this is because child hunger is correctly identified as a moral and economic issue that moves people to action. A poverty of vocabulary should be discussed with the same passion as child hunger.

Jesus is faithful is a foundation that wants to promote education in the neediest countries, in marginalized areas where there are many children who do not have access to education. We provide school supplies so they can be able to go to school.

We want to create educational programs that inspire children to set goals better than their past generations. We want to teach them that with the help of God, education, and a lot of effort they can do anything.

Thanks to you JFF is making a great impact!

jesus is faithful foundation
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